"Strength is born of constraint and dies in freedom"- Leonardo da Vinci

I have been a professional jazz pianist for 30 years and dearly love playing this wonderful music, and communicating that feeling and experience to my students and to my clients and listeners.
Most of my future (and past) public appearances are listed at the Upcoming link.

If you're a professional musician and are concerned that people don't "understand" the nature of of your work and efforts, or their economic value, a thought from Hans Eisler that helps illuminate the problem.

Victory, From the Jaws of Defeat

Art Farmer at the Bermuda Onion,
Victory, From the Jaws of Defeat.

I have been fortunate in my career as a jazz pianist to share the stage with a few greats.
In some cases these “brushes with greatness” were more than mere brushes. Sometimes they started off as skirmishes that developed into full fledged alliances, fighting together for the common cause, music.

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